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sack the manager:Burnley sack manager Sean Dyche with eight games left of their season in the Premie

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sack the manager Burnley sack manager Sean Dyche with eight games left of their season in the Premier League.

sack the manager

sack the manager Burnley sack manager Sean Dyche with eight games left of Premier League season

sack the manager Sean Dyche managed just four league wins with Burnley this season

Burnley have sacked manager Sean Dyche with eight games left of their season in the Premier League.

The Clarets, who have lost five of their last six top-flight games, are 18th and four points from safety.

Dyche was the Premier League's longest serving manager, having taken over at Turf Moor in October 2012.

Burnley chairman Alan Pace said it was "an incredibly difficult decision" to part company with the 50-year-old, but "we feel a change is needed".

  • 'A huge gamble that smacks of blind panic'

Dyche's last game in charge of Burnley saw them lose 2-0 to Norwich City, who are bottom of the Premier League.

Assistant manager Ian Woan, first-team coach Steve Stone and goalkeeping coach Billy Mercer have also left the club.

"Firstly, we would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Sean and his staff for their achievements at the club over the last decade," said Pace.

"During his time at Turf Moor, Sean has been a credit both on and off the pitch, respected by players, staff, supporters, and the wider football community.

"However, results this season have been disappointing and, while this was an incredibly difficult decision, with eight crucial games of the campaign remaining, we feel a change is needed to give the squad the best possible chance of retaining its Premier League status.

"Under-23s coach Mike Jackson, assisted by academy director Paul Jenkins, Under-23s goalkeeping coach Connor King and club captain Ben Mee have been asked to take charge of the team for Sunday's game with West Ham United.

"The process of replacing Sean has begun and further announcements will be made to supporters in due course."

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Dyche had signed a new four-year contract until 2025 with Burnley in September last year.

During his spell at the club he guided them to two promotions from the Championship and two top-half Premier League finishes.

He also helped Burnley achieve their first European qualification in 51 years courtesy of leading them to a commendable seventh place in the Premier League in 2017-18.

However, the Clarets have won just four Premier League games this season, the worst win record in the league.

'Burnley fans were still loyal to him'

"It's massive news, no one really expected it," reacted former Burnley midfielder Paul Weller.

"He has been backed by the board for so long, so to do it so late in the season is a really big surprise.

"To do it so late in the week is leaving it really tight because there's a massive game coming up against West Ham on Sunday. There's a big eight games left and we need somebody in there quick."

Weller added: "Sean has had to take the ultimate punishment.

"What he has done at Burnley is unbelievable, he has done it on a shoestring [budget]. He's not been supported by any of the chairmen financially like other Premier League managers have been.

"It's been a really difficult season and I think that's why everybody is so surprised because the fans love him.

"Even though we are struggling, we are down at the bottom and it's looking like relegation, Burnley fans were still loyal to him."

Sean Dyche's record at Burnley
GamesWonDrawnLostWin %
Premier League258726811828%
FA Cup19631032%
League Cup1763835%
Uefa Europa League qualifying623133%

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'The impact has to be absolutely immediate' - Analysis

BBC Sport football reporter Simon Stone

Burnley are in their sixth successive season in the Premier League, which is their longest run in the top flight since their heydays in the 1960s.

It is a brave owner of any football club who just accepts relegation without doing something to stop it. Alan Pace, the owner and chairman of Burnley, is a relatively new owner and he has decided to act.

The impact has to be absolutely immediate and I guess that means Burnley picking up points immediately. They start against West Ham on Sunday, then Southampton and Wolves.

Sean Dyche is highly employable. Any like-minded club such as Burnley, Dyche will be top of the people who will be to be favourites to take over that job.

He has been linked with many Premier League jobs over the years. He has always responded to those rumours by saying he was at Burnley - now he is not. I don't think it will be long until he gets another job.

Clearly the problem for Burnley is getting another manager for themselves.

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  • O

    Comment posted by Oscar, at 11:32 15 AprOscar

    11:32 15 AprAfter all Sean Dyche has done for Burnley he deserved better than this. At least the opportunity to keep them in the Premier League. I fear the worst for Burnley’s short term future.

    He has my utmost respect and good luck in the future, I’m pretty sure he’ll be a sought after manager, and by PL clubs too. Somewhere Burnley might not see for years to come.
    • H

      Reply posted by Humble Chelsea Fan, at 11:40 15 AprHumble Chelsea Fan

      11:40 15 Aprto OscarHumble Chelsea Fan replied: legendary manager. how he managed to keep burnley in the prem with the squad he had is pure genius. would like to see him manage england one day
  • N

    Comment posted by Northerner, at 11:31 15 AprNortherner

    11:31 15 AprWell that's relegation confirmed then, the fools.
    • T

      Reply posted by twinprime, at 11:33 15 Aprtwinprime

      11:33 15 Aprto Northernertwinprime replied: To be honest - they were very likely going down anyway but still an odd decision.
  • F

    Comment posted by Fanshawe Smythe, at 11:34 15 AprFanshawe Smythe

    11:34 15 AprIf they get relegated, Sean Dyche would be a good choice to get them promoted.
    • Y

      Reply posted by Y0U, at 11:59 15 AprY0U

      11:59 15 Aprto Fanshawe SmytheY0U replied: Again.
  • A

    Comment posted by alexander, at 11:32 15 Apralexander

    11:32 15 AprWhat a stupid decision. Pulis and Stoke spring to mind.
    • N

      Reply posted by nigelg, at 11:37 15 Aprnigelg

      11:37 15 Aprto alexandernigelg replied: Typical football decision totally pointless and asinine.its about time players bore the brunt of their lack of success or effort but no, its always the manager who really cannot make them play better once the games start.
  • A

    Comment posted by Alicydon, at 11:33 15 AprAlicydon

    11:33 15 AprShame, been a loyal manager for Burnley and kept them in the premier league for several seasons, punching above their weight. And with so few games left, what's the benefit?
    • Y

      Reply posted by Y0U, at 11:48 15 AprY0U

      11:48 15 Aprto AlicydonY0U replied: He's got them relegated twice, about to be a 3rd time.
  • V

    Comment posted by VF, at 11:33 15 AprVF

    11:33 15 AprStupid decision and without class.The only reason Burnley are in the PL is because of Dyche. Should have gave him to the end of the seasons . They owed him that.
    • G

      Reply posted by gadgyarab, at 12:19 15 Aprgadgyarab

      12:19 15 Aprto VFgadgyarab replied: The point is that the owners don't "owe" him the chance to relegate the club. They had to do something and they cannot change the playing squad.
  • O

    Comment posted by Orkneyboy, at 11:33 15 AprOrkneyboy

    11:33 15 AprStupid, Stupid, Stupid.

    Owners really aren't football people are they.
    • T

      Reply posted by twinprime, at 11:42 15 Aprtwinprime

      11:42 15 Aprto Orkneyboytwinprime replied: Basically no owners are "football people" - and to be honest throughout football history most owners never were.

      Having said that - the term "football people" is a bit of a cliche. Football is full of so called "football people" who've never done anything of note as managers or owners.
  • N

    Comment posted by no shoot vinnie no shoot, at 11:33 15 Aprno shoot vinnie no shoot

    11:33 15 AprStrange decision. He has done incredibly well over the years.
    • M

      Reply posted by Mushroom, at 11:47 15 AprMushroom

      11:47 15 Aprto no shoot vinnie no shootMushroom replied: I felt the team spirit he engendered in his very average squad was their best hope of survival.
      Unbelievable decision.
  • S

    Comment posted by Steve Sirdefield, at 11:37 15 AprSteve Sirdefield

    11:37 15 AprVilla fan. Absolutely shocked by this decision, from outside the club I thought he was doing exceptional giving the money he’s spent.
    • Y

      Reply posted by Y0U, at 11:44 15 AprY0U

      11:44 15 Aprto Steve SirdefieldY0U replied: Are you here in peace though
  • A

    Comment posted by aron, at 11:37 15 Apraron

    11:37 15 AprA man who kept them in the league for years with no resources no money , selling their players , selling their top striker in January yet it’s his fault? When they go down who they going to find to bring them up . Once again short term thinking to push the blame away from another club with a deluded board
    • R

      Reply posted by rhinonut, at 11:56 15 Aprrhinonut

      11:56 15 Aprto aronrhinonut replied: ...and away from the little loves (players)
  • M

    Comment posted by MyOpinionCounts-just, at 11:38 15 AprMyOpinionCounts-just

    11:38 15 AprAwful decision. They only reason Burnley stayed in the Prem as long as they did is Dyche. They never really backed him in any transfer window so I'm bkt sure what they expected.... relegation is guaranteed now and God knows when they'll be back.
    • T

      Reply posted by topo, at 11:52 15 Aprtopo

      11:52 15 Aprto MyOpinionCounts-justtopo replied: Deserve everything coming to them now. And as usual the loyal supporters get the pain.
  • S

    Comment posted by Sheepy, at 11:37 15 AprSheepy

    11:37 15 AprCrazy crazy crazy

    In a few years, Burnley will lookon this as a huge mistake
    • E

      Reply posted by eowenthe brave, at 12:07 15 Apreowenthe brave

      12:07 15 Aprto Sheepyeowenthe brave replied: Yet another example of the pure toxicity of the so called beautiful game. Dyche is just one of many decent and hard-working loyal managers who have been treated disgracefully.
  • A

    Comment posted by ANDY P, at 11:39 15 AprANDY P

    11:39 15 AprWhat a joke loyalty means nothing what a great servant and a credit to the game from a Bolton fan. be careful what you wish for.
    • G

      Reply posted by gadgyarab, at 12:21 15 Aprgadgyarab

      12:21 15 Aprto ANDY Pgadgyarab replied: Loyalty? Dyche was paid for all of his work at Burnley and he could have gone for any other job he wanted...
  • D

    Comment posted by Dan, at 11:33 15 AprDan

    11:33 15 AprRidiculous decision. He'll be missed.
    • S

      Reply posted by Sport Report, at 12:39 15 AprSport Report

      12:39 15 Aprto DanSport Report replied: Joe Root has just become available. They had to act.
  • G

    Comment posted by Gaz57, at 11:37 15 AprGaz57

    11:37 15 AprBurnley chairman... I know let's get rid of our best chance of staying up... Crazy crazy.
    • W

      Reply posted by waste of licence fee, at 12:02 15 Aprwaste of licence fee

      12:02 15 Aprto Gaz57waste of licence fee replied: How is he the best chance of staying up? It’s him who has got them to this point!
  • T

    Comment posted by Tomkorn42, at 11:37 15 AprTomkorn42

    11:37 15 AprWow, you do wonder what can of idiots run some of these clubs to make decisions like this. The only reason Burnley have been in the PL for an extended period is because of Dyche. Constantly the lowest spending club in the league and he’s worked wonders on a constant shoestring. Absolutely appalling decision.
    • T

      Reply posted by Tomkorn42, at 11:39 15 AprTomkorn42

      11:39 15 Aprto Tomkorn42Tomkorn42 replied: *what kind of idiots 🤦‍♂️
  • R

    Comment posted by Richard, at 11:33 15 AprRichard

    11:33 15 AprOnly the powers that be can decide if this is the correct decision for the club. But to sack the manager at this stage of the season without an immediate (or very rapid) replacement seems foolish.
    • S

      Reply posted by Sport Report, at 12:41 15 AprSport Report

      12:41 15 Aprto RichardSport Report replied: It's a results game. If it keeps them in the PL everyone we'll be saying it was a wise decision.
  • T

    Comment posted by twinprime, at 11:31 15 Aprtwinprime

    11:31 15 AprWow - didn't see that one coming.
    • M

      Reply posted by Mr and Mrs Banks, at 12:40 15 AprMr and Mrs Banks

      12:40 15 Aprto twinprimeMr and Mrs Banks replied: Is this a dream?
      Bonkers decision…
  • W

    Comment posted by WorstPMinHistory, at 11:35 15 AprWorstPMinHistory

    11:35 15 AprWell that has destroyed any hope of Burnley staying up
    • Y

      Reply posted by Y0U, at 12:17 15 AprY0U

      12:17 15 Aprto WorstPMinHistoryY0U replied: 4 wins in 30 games has already done that
  • R

    Comment posted by RDW_SW, at 11:32 15 AprRDW_SW

    11:32 15 AprRidiculous decision. Burnley still had a decent chance of staying up with Dyche in charge. What affect will this have on the players now?
    • W

      Reply posted by waste of licence fee, at 12:04 15 Aprwaste of licence fee

      12:04 15 Aprto RDW_SWwaste of licence fee replied: Look at the table and look at how many wins Burnley have had all season. They didn’t have a decent chance of staying up it was very slim. So the owner has taken a decision for change as doing nothing would have likely seen them down anyway.

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